9 in 1 Push Up Board


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9 in 1 Push Up Board

The Push Up Board is a uniquely designed push-up board that provides a full-body workout to help you strengthen and shape your entire upper body.

It engages your core, and it’s color-coded for easy use. The Push Up Board has a range of benefits: – Strengthening and shaping your upper muscles – Engages your core – Increases strength and endurance in all upper body muscles – Improves posture and balances muscle development between the left and right side of the body.

Multifunction Push Up Rack Board Comprehensive Fitness Exercise Workout Push-up Stands Body Building Training Gym
Push Up is an innovative color-coded pushup board training system that strengthens and shaping your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms), while engaging your total core.
This challenging strength and conditioning 10-week program combines push ups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometrics, and core exercises for a total body workout. In just 30 minutes a day, you will develop muscles, build upper and lower body strength, burn calories, and lose weight.

1. Different color-coded push up board targets specifics muscles worked (Blue-chest, Red-shoulders, Yellow-back, and Green-triceps)
2. Heavy duty “Plug & Press” push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition
3. Burn calories and build strength with this innovative pushup system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.
4. Portable, Simple Assembly and Storage.
5. Premium, Cushioned, Non-slip Hand Grips.

Foldable Type
Material: ABS
Product weight: 1400g
Size of support plate: 620*195*18.5mm

Folded: 320*195*37mm
Blue chest, red shoulder, yellow back, green triceps
Black handle pair
Uses: exercise back muscles and abdominal muscles.

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Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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Echelon Push-up Rack

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9 in 1 Push Up Board